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Taking Care of Your Kiddies Hair this Winter

Winter is here, and I am not referring to the Game of Thrones. Making sure that the little ones are warm, and the flu bug is at bay is as equally important as keeping their hair protected during these winter months. Hair in winter is prone to dryness and becoming weak. Below are some basic tips to protect their hair this winter.



Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! I can’t stress this enough. Applying hair food/hair spray/ hair moisturizer is crucial in the winter. This should be done daily.



I am sure your first instinct is to wash their hair as often as possible but that’s not the case as this may lead to dry scalp and hair. Washing their hair once a week should be fine. Perform deep conditioning once every two weeks. Also, consider limiting heat usage with hair dryers. Blasting hair with high heat can contribute to excessive dryness. Allow enough time for your child’s hair to do a bit of air drying before applying heat.



After wash and moisture, protective hairstyles are key. This will reduce the damage daily maintenance does to the hair. You can check out our Gallery page to get some ideas.


Don’t let them go outside with wet hair. The cold temperatures affect the water in their hair which ultimately leads to breakage and damage.