Protective Hairstyles for Kids

We still in winter so protective hairstyles for kids are as equally important as they are for adults.  More so for kids because they don’t pay much attention to the health of their hair like adults do. While an adult would know what to do with their hair to protect it against the cold winter hair; kids are usually too busy having fun to care about the effects of the winter on their hair.


This blog post will give you some ideas on what to do with your little ones hair.




Box Braids

Benny and Betty – Also known as Blocks

Classic Twist with Beads






Maintenance Tips

You want to keep your daughter’s hair in a satin *doek while she sleeps at night.

Make sure she wears a shower cap when she takes a shower

Make sure you ‘base’ her scalp on the daily by using moisturizing hair food.

Since their hair will be platted, it will be difficult to moisturise their hair so the best thing to use is leave-in conditioner spray.

To take down the hairstyle, lightly spray her hair with the leave-in conditioner so that her hair is moisturized and doesn’t break off when you take it down. Also be sure to detangle as you go, so you won’t have much work afterwards.