Identifying Your Little One’s Hair Type Part Two

So you have identified your child’s hair type now what?

We tackle hair texture.

Hair texture determines how well your child’s hair holds different hairstyles and hair products!


In case you weren’t familiar, there are three main hair textures.


  • Fine

Fine hair is thin which means it is very light. This type of hair texture is unfortunately more vulnerable to chemicals than the other textures.

  • Medium

Medium hair is exactly what it sounds like.  It is the mid-range of hair diameter, and is thicker than fine hair yet more easily manageable than coarse hair.

  • Coarse

Finally, coarse hair is the strongest, and most difficult to damage.  It is not as susceptible to chemicals or toxins as fine or medium hair.


Hair texture has but one determining factor – the diameter of each individual strand of your child’s hair.  A common misconception is when parents confuse hair density with diameter.  For example, a child with fine hair can have lots of it, but it is considered “fine” nonetheless.  Don’t confuse thin hair with fine hair!