Hair 1

Back to School

School bells are beginning to ring all around the country and parents everywhere are getting everything together to ensure that their families have a smooth transition from wintertime to school time.  We let the little ones have fun with their hair during the holidays but now that’s over. Between hustling to make breakfast, convincing your kids to brush their teeth and everything else that comes with a busy morning before school, your kid’s hairstyle often falls by the wayside. However, these hairstyles can come together with even the tiniest bit of effort. After all, no one wants a boring ‘do.


  1. Double Dutch Braids

Cute! Cute! Cute! Its easy to plat which means it won’t take forever to do. Also, you are set for the rest of the week.


  1. Braided Low Pony Tail

(You can also do a high bun). Nothing says I am ready to take on the school like this hairstyle. Our style inspo, Zendaya, is keeping it cute.



  1. Bantu Knots

Or as some of us call it – amagoda. Its edgy and neat. Most importantly, it’s a great protective hairstyle.


  1. ‘The Fade’ / Cut and Trim

If you have a little boy then you will definitely know what a fade is. You can have fun with it (only if the school code of conduct allows it) or you can do a basic brush cut.


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