What to do these Spring Holidays


Schools are closing for the 10 days holidays and fortunately for our little ones it’s a lot warmer as Spring has Sprung.

So I thought of sharing fun, safe and cost-effective activities that your little ones can dive into these holidays.


Go to the Park


Grab your picnic basket and head to the park. You can also get time to catch-up on work, a novel that’s been chilling on your nightstand or just bask in some relaxation time whilst your little ones plays on the swings.

A Visit at the Library



Just because school’s out doesn’t mean that all books are off the table. Head to your closest local library and let your little one pick out books to read that are of interest to them.


Host a BRING and SHARE Braai



 This is perfect if you want to catch-up with other parents whilst the kids play games




Make Some Nice Treats



Involve your kids in the kitchen by either baking cookies/pancakes.


The school holidays don’t have to break your bank, these are some of the many things which you can keep your kids busy with these 10 days 🙂