How to Identify your Child’s Hair Type

We will have a series on ‘identifying your kid’s hair type’. This is the 1st part of a 4 part series.

Knowing your little ones hair type is important as it enables you to be able to pick the correct hair routine specific to their hair. If you already know their hair type then that’s awesome however if not then this is for you!


How To Identify Their Hair Type:

If you are unsure what hair type your child is, here is a simple test you can try.  Leave it free of products for a day or so.  Next, give it a good wash with shampoo and conditioner.  Finally, let it air dry.  Upon drying, if it dries completely straight, then your child has straight hair. If there’s a natural wave to it that doesn’t completely curl up, your child has wavy hair.  Conversely, if it does curl up with larger curls, then they have curly/kinky hair.

There are three (3) main hair types